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Self Help

People ask can I learn the Alexander Technique by myself ?    

    It is possible.

Alexander said, ”Anyone can do what I did if they will do what I did”.


    What DID Alexander do?

He was developing his acting career, disaster struck.  While reciting his voice became hoarse and his breathing became noisy.  Less acting engagements, his reputation was in decline.  Yet when he spoke to friends his voice was fine.  So no structural faults.


     Why DID his voice fail him on stage?

Medical help at the time brought no solution.  Alexander got mirrors, stood there, recited, spoke normally, watched carefully the mirror evidence of his actions.  Over months this evidence enabled him to gradually achieve remarkable voice resonance and fine breath control. 

Alexander resumed his acting career but at the same time other people were asking him, “How did you solve your problems, teach us”.  So Alexander started as an Elocution teacher, then the scope of his work widened to help improve a more diverse range of peoples’ health problems.

This DVD shows how Alexander solved his problems, plus has modern day medical and scientific explanations about Alexander’s discoveries:

  •   Learn about what he found, particularly important in this DVD are the illustrations for proper functioning of the head/spine relationship in activity, a dynamic constantly changing interaction.


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