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Film Credits

The film was produced, written and directed by Rosslyn McLeod, an experienced Alexander teacher based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Rosslyn is also a musician. Many years ago whilst playing the viola she developed back problems. Lessons in the Alexander Technique brought great benefit, so she changed career and trained in London then Sydney to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique. 


While teaching the Alexander Technique at the University of Melbourne and the Victorian College of the Arts School of Music Rosslyn did extensive research into Alexander's Australian years. This pioneering work resulted in publication of her book, Up from Down Under; The Australian origins of Frederick Matthias Alexander and the Alexander Technique. Now in a revised, enlarged 4th edition available from

Material from her book forms the basis for the early part of the film.

Special thanks to U-tel, Digital Magic, Norwood, South Australia for their creative, imaginative approach to this project – animation, studio work and final film production.


Rosslyn was assisted by an Advisory Committee in Adelaide.

Committee members were:


Professor Amanda Goodman

Jeannie Kelso AM

Jonathan Miller LLB

Lynton Stephens MBBS, FRACGP

Grant Discombe (Technical Support)


Support was also provided by a panel of Advocates drawn from the international Alexander Community:


Michael Bloch LLB (Cantab) - Biographer of FM Alexander


Jean M.O. Fischer - Alexander Teacher; Specialist Publisher on the Alexander Technique


John Hunter BA - Alexander Teacher; Head of Training, Westminster Alexander Training Course


Carolyn Nicholls BA (Hons), MA, MA - Alexander Teacher; Head of Training, Brighton Alexander Technique College; Author of  Body, Breath and Breathing  and The Posture Workbook


Lucy Brown PhD - Clinical Professor in Neurology, Albert Einstein Medical Centre, New York


Galen Cranz PhD - Professor of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley; Alexander Teacher; Author of The Chair: Rethinking Culture, Body and Design


Jane R. Heirich BA, MA - Alexander Teacher; Voice Coach; Author of Voice and the Alexander Technique


Alexander Murray - Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois;  Musician;  Alexander teacher





Frederick Matthias Alexander
Originator of the Alexander Technique


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