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This 70-minute documentary includes:


  • the Alexander family convict origins, historical setting of Tasmania’s development in the late 1800’s with magnificent scenic photos


  • FM Alexander's early years in North West Tasmania (1869–1889),
    schooling and development of his love of Shakespeare and poetry


  • his acting career in Melbourne interrupted because of vocal misuse,  interfering with his stage career; how he solved his voice and breathing problems


  • Alexander developing a very successful dual career in Australasia as an actor and voice teacher, helping others to improve not only their voice and breathing problems, but other ailments as well


  • Leading Doctors supported his work and encouraged him to move to London in 1904


  • Alexander became known and accepted for his teaching, establishing a teacher training course in 1931 to train others to teach his methods


Rare archival footage of a live interview with Alexander’s pupil Erika Whittaker, talking about her memories of Alexander and the first teacher training course.


Other features include Present-day interviews with:


  • James Galway, Flautist

  • Kings College Choir choristers

  • Professor Paul Little, University of Southampton UK

  • Professor Lucy Brown, Albert Einstein Medical Centre ,   New York

  • Professor Galen Cranz, University of California, Berkeley

The DVD also features an Alexander Technique lesson with Diana Devitt-Dawson and one of her pupils.  Additionally Diana's "first lesson" with Geeta is featured on YouTube - view here:

The Australian Building, Melbourne – FM's first office was on the 7th floor.


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