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The Alexander Technique

For over 100 years people from all walks of life have benefited from Alexander Technique lessons.

Alexander pupils include acting greats Ralph Fiennes, Dame Judy Dench, David Hyde Pierce, John Cleese and Marilyn Monroe.  Musician artists: James Galway, Sting, Paul McCartney, Robert Fripp and Choral Scholars of the King’s College Choir.

The Nobel Prizewinner in Medicine for 1973 Professor Nikolaas Tinbergen said in his Nobel Oration, “Alexander’s work is one of the true epics of medical research and practice”.  View video here.

Read the official Report in the British Medical Journal, August 19, 2008 about the Research Project into Back Pain and the Alexander Technique, funded with a grant of 600,000 pounds (GBP) by the British

Medical Research Council


(This DVD contains a summary of this Research Project, interviews with the lead Professor, Paul Little and some of the participants.)

Now more than ever poor posture has resulted  in an epidemic of neck and back issues.  Today’s lifestyle is surely to blame – working days spent in front of a screen with repetitive patterns of misuse that cause muscular tensions.

The Technique was created by Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) an Australian actor who was troubled by voice and breathing problems.  Through patient observation, experiment and perseverance Alexander solved his problems then used his new unique approach through hands on guidance, teaching others to do the same.

Rosslyn McLeod was the first person to do comprehensive research into FM’s Australian years and relate this to the general social and cultural climes of Australia, pre Federation.

This DVD can be purchased here, it covers Alexander’s life and work, also includes modern day scientific and medical information, and a practical Alexander lesson by Sydney based Alexander teacher Diana Devitt-Dawson, who has over 3.5 million hits on her "first lesson" video on Youtube.

“This documentary is a visual summary of Alexander’s life and his legacy based in part on the 4th edition my book ‘Up From Down Under’"

- Rosslyn McLeod

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