Eugene Schusser – Filmmaker – Australia

"This film on FM Alexander is a very welcome, well informed addition to extending the knowledge and practice of the Alexander Technique.

It contains valuable information about the origins of the Technique with persuasive examples of its efficacy.

Anyone interested in the AlexanderTechnique will find something inspiring and valuable in this film."


Alexander Murray - Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois - USA

“Alexander's remarkable life and achievement are given a new perspective by the photographic and historical background of his unpromising beginnings in Tasmania, and the early searching and discoveries in Australia and new Zealand…….

Congratulations on your achievement. General information and presentation admirable


These websites are wide-ranging in their coverage of the Alexander Technique and include specialist sections such as medical and scientific research 


Ockham's Razor ABC Radio National Interview with Rosslyn McLeod:





If you want to find out about having Alexander lessons from a qualified teacher, or training to become an Alexander teacher (this is a three-year full time course) the following are some of the main professional Alexander Societies:


Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique:  



The Website of the International Affiliated Societies of Alexander Teachers: 


World Alexander Congress


Alexander Technique International:  

Read the official Report in the British Medical Journal, August 19, 2008 about the Research Project into Back Pain and the Alexander Technique, funded with a grant of 600,000 pounds (GBP) by the British Medical Research Council.


A ten minute video summary of this research is on YouTube