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Reviews & Links


Eugene Schlusser – Filmmaker – Australia

"...valuable information about the origins of the Technique with persuasive examples of its efficacy."


Alexander Murray - Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois - USA

“Alexander's remarkable life and achievement are given a new perspective..."

Julia Nafisi - University of Melbourne - Australian Voice

"...fascinating and thought-provoking contribution to the body of works on a man whose remarkable life and discoveries will continue to be a source of inspiration and provide material for exploration long into the future."


Brooke Lieb - AmSAT Journal 2018, USA

" Kudos to Rosslyn McLeod [for producing] the most ambitious video project to date on F.M. Alexander. ... full of interesting historical background, enlightening details about Alexander's first training course, and consolidates many of the best-produced videos currently available."

Carolyn Nicholls, Alexander teacher, Author

"Insightful documentary about F. M. Alexander's life, work and legacy. A must-have for anyone interested in the origin and growth of the Alexander Technique.

Useful Links

These websites are wide-ranging in their coverage of the Alexander Technique and include specialist sections such as medical and scientific research 


Youtube channel with four videos

1. ABC broadcast - the story of the Alexander Technique

2,3,4: Poems about the Alexander Technique, recited by Rosslyn McLeod

Alexander Technique - Rosslyn McLeod - YouTube

Ockham's Razor ABC Radio National Interview with Rosslyn McLeod:


Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique:

Upcoming World Congress in Ireland 2025:

Alexander Technique International:

British Medical Journal Report, August 19, 2008 about 

Back Pain and the Alexander Technique:


Journal of Neurophysiology Alexander Technique Posture Movement
(A clear demonstration for choice re: how much effort needed when changing from sitting to standing.  Graphs show the difference of force gradient used by Alexander trained person, weight shift smooth as person stands up, compared to non-Alexander trained person standing up with abrupt weight shift, so much more effort used.)


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