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Frederick Matthias Alexander

His Life... His Legacy...

A unique documentary showcasing the life and work of Frederick Matthias Alexander - originator of the Alexander Technique


When young we enjoyed moving easily.  The sense of joy diminishes later because of:

  • backache

  • tight muscles

  • sore knees

  • stiff neck

  • tense shoulders

Daily activities of walking, bending or sitting down on a chair become even more difficult ... standing up from a chair is even harder !



   Improve self-management             skills.

   Explore Alexander’s ideas so as     to regain ease and poise:

 Learning the Alexander   Technique  offers:

  • Knowledge for better balance when moving, whether for pleasure or essential activities

  • Improvement of performance standards for performers .. 
    e.g. music, dance, drama, sport

  • Strategies for pain management                                                                        

F.M Alexander DVD

About the DVD cover photograph:     



The Australian actor F M Alexander (1869-1955)   developed severe breathing and voice problems that threatened his career.

His solution enabled this career to continue, but unexpectedly, a new career opened up as well.

Alexander taught others to deal with health problems, his work is now known as the Alexander Technique.

The DVD covers Alexander’s background,  discoveries, and the modern day Alexander Technique.  This Technique offers a means to improve health and wellbeing for everyone.

For enquiries about the documentary or private lessons in the Alexander Technique (in South Australia) please contact:

Rosslyn McLeod

Phone: 08 8338 2262


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