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This original documentary features rare archival footage of Alexander's students, as well as modern-day interviews with some of the world's leading Alexander teachers.  With over 20 years worth of comprehensive research, this film covers Alexander's history and life's work, as well as interviews and information on how the technique is being applied in today's world.

About the Film

Frederick Matthias Alexander

His Life ... His Legacy ...

F.M Alexander DVD

This unique 70-minute documentary presents:

  • the history and life of FM Alexander

  • how Alexander solved his own voice and breathing problems

  • how he went on to showing others how to solve a wide range of health problems

  • a modern day demonstration of an Alexander lesson with Diana Devitt-Dawson

  • medical and scientific evaluation of the benefits of the Alexander Technique

  • interviews with James Galway and members of the Kings College Choir (UK)

  • applications of the technique in everyday activities such as swimming

About the Filmmaker

Rosslyn McLeod

AUA, BMus, DipEd


Photo credit: Katy Durn Photographics

  • Qualified Alexander Teacher of over 30 years

  • Completed first two years of training with Patrick MacDonald (a master teacher and direct student of Alexander) in London

  • Musician, Music Teacher and Alexander Technique Lecturer at Melbourne University and the Victorian College of Arts


"I came across the Alexander Technique when trying to get answers for my back pain, caused partly by playing the viola.  Having Alexander lessons in Melbourne solved my back pain and led me to wanting to become a teacher.  After completing my training and teaching for a while I realised that there wasn't a biography of Alexander, only sketchy knowledge of his life.  I started research for original material and over a few years gathered enough to publish "Up From Down Under; the Australian Origins of Frederick Matthais Alexander and the Alexander Technique".  Research material for the book and historical visual footage accumulated over time led to the idea of a documentary film honoring FM Alexander and the significance of his Australian Heritage.  I enjoy sharing Alexander's story with others and its particular relevance for today - learning to improve one's own health, changing harmful habit patterns, easing pain, developing more natural breathing, and if you're an artist, enhancing performance."

Click here to purchase the book - Up From Down Under

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